World’s First Totally Hands-Free Phone?

IA technologies has been working on what they call the Zumbafone by Zumba Lumba. This phone should be comming out sometime soon but there’s no word on the time but the pre-release buzz which naturally comes before a new phone comes out is already going around the internet. This clever phone is pretty inovating in that it is totally controlled through voice recocgnition software.

The size of the phone is small enough to just be placed on top of the ear, being hidden by shoulder-length hair. The technology is being kept Top-Secret and demonstrations aren’t even being given. Some good points for this phone is that voice recognition would make cell phone use more user-freindly for the disabled who are not presently able to work cell phones very well, if at all. Also, with the voice recognition being personalized to the owner, stealing the phone would be pointless.

We’ll keep an eye out for any news on the release of the Zumbafone. By the way, they’re looking for some investors. Also, check out the BBC coverage for a bit more.

Cell Phone Ends Up in Buffalo Dung

It’s no surprise that the radio waves going to and from your cell phone penetrates your entire body. So if a buffalo happens to eat your cell phone don’t worry about missing that important call while you wait for it to shit it out. Just make sure it’s in a plastic bag and make sure you at least wipe it a bit with alcohol before talking on it, eh?

According to The Times of India, a farmer had lost his cell phone by his cowshed and found as an ingredient of some buffalo dung pie. Fortunately for the farmer he was keen to the hazzards of the farm and put his cell phone in a plastic bag.

This should taken as a lesson for those who wish to smuggle a cell phone into prison the only way possible. Be sure it’s off because things could get rather embarrassing when some ditty of a ringtone is comming from your ass when someone calls wondering when the big break0ut will be. Vibrate might be useful.

Run iPhone Apps on Your BlackBerry?

VMWare will be comming out with software that will allow multiple operating systems to be used on one cell phone. VMWare already offers virtual platforms for computers where a Mac owner can run Windows applications without totally reverting to the Windows OS. It was only time until this Virutualization moves towards the pocket PCs that are now cell phones. They are calling it MVP, for Mobile Virtual Platform.

It will be interesting to see if some manufacturers will try to keep the software from being used on their cell phone but I don’t really see the effectiveness of doing such business. It’s about time somebody comes out and markets such technology to bridge the application access gap!

Cell Phones an Answer to World Population Crisis?

A study by some zany scientists revealed that the radio waves from cell phones not only lower the sperm count but also damages blood vessels essential for penile function, resulting in impotence. This study kept track of a group of men with healthy sperm counts then measured sperm counts of these men as they were separated into groups of various cell phone usage. Non-cell-phone-users kept their healthy count of 86 million per Milliliter while those with 2 or more hours usage dipped down to 76 million and 4 hours or more dipped down to 71 million.

To add to the blow to natural reproduction is that these zany scientists found that the vibration mode damaged the penis muscles essential for normal function. Just think about that the next time you’re calling your man, women. You just may be damaging the goods.

With the world’s cell phone usage increasing faster than the world’s birthrate we should then see the population decline? Probably not since this study paid for by Generic Viagra. While considering the source, are these results hard to believe?