Cell Phones an Answer to World Population Crisis?

A study by some zany scientists revealed that the radio waves from cell phones not only lower the sperm count but also damages blood vessels essential for penile function, resulting in impotence. This study kept track of a group of men with healthy sperm counts then measured sperm counts of these men as they were separated into groups of various cell phone usage. Non-cell-phone-users kept their healthy count of 86 million per Milliliter while those with 2 or more hours usage dipped down to 76 million and 4 hours or more dipped down to 71 million.

To add to the blow to natural reproduction is that these zany scientists found that the vibration mode damaged the penis muscles essential for normal function. Just think about that the next time you’re calling your man, women. You just may be damaging the goods.

With the world’s cell phone usage increasing faster than the world’s birthrate we should then see the population decline? Probably not since this study paid for by Generic Viagra. While considering the source, are these results hard to believe?

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