Cell Phone Ends Up in Buffalo Dung

It’s no surprise that the radio waves going to and from your cell phone penetrates your entire body. So if a buffalo happens to eat your cell phone don’t worry about missing that important call while you wait for it to shit it out. Just make sure it’s in a plastic bag and make sure you at least wipe it a bit with alcohol before talking on it, eh?

According to The Times of India, a farmer had lost his cell phone by his cowshed and found as an ingredient of some buffalo dung pie. Fortunately for the farmer he was keen to the hazzards of the farm and put his cell phone in a plastic bag.

This should taken as a lesson for those who wish to smuggle a cell phone into prison the only way possible. Be sure it’s off because things could get rather embarrassing when some ditty of a ringtone is comming from your ass when someone calls wondering when the big break0ut will be. Vibrate might be useful.