World’s First Totally Hands-Free Phone?

IA technologies has been working on what they call the Zumbafone by Zumba Lumba. This phone should be comming out sometime soon but there’s no word on the time but the pre-release buzz which naturally comes before a new phone comes out is already going around the internet. This clever phone is pretty inovating in that it is totally controlled through voice recocgnition software.

The size of the phone is small enough to just be placed on top of the ear, being hidden by shoulder-length hair. The technology is being kept Top-Secret and demonstrations aren’t even being given. Some good points for this phone is that voice recognition would make cell phone use more user-freindly for the disabled who are not presently able to work cell phones very well, if at all. Also, with the voice recognition being personalized to the owner, stealing the phone would be pointless.

We’ll keep an eye out for any news on the release of the Zumbafone. By the way, they’re looking for some investors. Also, check out the BBC coverage for a bit more.